Door hande hook

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The most important way to prevent the spread of infections, such as the  Coronavirus, is to take care of good hand hygiene!

You can also use this small plywood “handle hook” to open doors, push switches, elevator buttons, etc. You never need to touch the hook part that comes in contact with the surfaces. The hook is stored inside the frame to prevent accidental contact.

Thanks to antimicrobial copper surface the Hande Hook works also with touch screens!

If you wish, you can order the handle hook with your own text (+ 2.00€). Enter text in the engraving text field below. The text can be up to three lines long and the maximum number of characters is 40 characters.

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Material: Finnish PEFC and FSC certified plywood
Size: 8cm x 4cm x 1,2cm

Enter the text you want on the Handle Hook

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