Quide to desing your own 3D printed earrings

Here are some basic quidelines about designing 3D printable jewelery. Following these instructions will give you the earrings that suits your needs. When you take into account a few things already at the design stage, DataNorppa does not have to customize your jewelery to make it suitable for printing, and your original idea will be the end result.

The basics of 3D printed earrings

The jewel is created by converting the drawing into a 3D shape, giving the two-dimensional drawing a thickness up from the surface of the paper up to the third dimension. Depending on the shape, the finished earrings are about 30-40mm high and 1.5-2.0mm thick. You can design your earrings by drawing it either by hand on paper or, alternatively, on a computer using image editing software. The following basic tips apply to both techniques.

1. Avoid thin shapes

The lines should be at least 1mm in width …

… and the diameter of the holes should be greater than 1mm.

2. All shapes must be connected to each other

So avoid loose parts, ie islands.

3. Pay attention to hook attachment

At the same time notice the center of gravity.